To national strategy and new material industry development demand as the guidance, in the center of the industry, under the guidance of a ceramic matrix composites sub-center, around the aircraft engine, aerospace ablation resistant structure, biomedical products, the key application fields such as gas turbine, the formation of ceramic matrix composite material testing, evaluation, standards, certification system, leading the industry innovation and development.

Pltaform qualification

Main services of the platform

  • Test evaluation services: through gather integration advantage resources in the field of national CMCs test evaluation, for raw material preparation and aircraft engine manufacturing, CMCs and fabrication industries, enterprises, research institutes and colleges as test evaluation services, services include: fiber mechanical properties test and evaluation, service environment CMCs anisotropy and mechanical properties test evaluation service environment, CMCs structure simulation test evaluation service environment, etc.
  • Consulting and training services: for CMCS industry and upstream and downstream units of the industrial chain, we provide technical services such as consulting and training in the form of seminars, academic conferences, training courses, distance education, etc., including material performance testing, data analysis and simulation verification, etc.Participate in CMCS industry science and technology development planning, regional economic development planning and key enterprise technology renewal and transformation planning, promote the leapfrog development of CMCS industry.Actively undertake horizontal projects of CMCS related enterprises and research institutes, and solve technical problems of enterprises and research institutes by carrying out horizontal projects.

Information of co-working parties

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  • Institutions address 29 Yudao Street, Qinhuai District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China
    Unit type public university
    Institutions introduction

    Founded in October 1952, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) is one of the first aviation institutions of higher learning established by the People's Republic of China.In 1978, it was designated as a national key university by the State Council.In 1981, it was approved by the State Council to be one of the first universities with the right to confer doctor's degree in China.In 1996, it entered the national "Project 211".In 2000, the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of the Graduate School;In 2011, it became a key construction university of "985 Project Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform".In 2017, it entered the national "Double First-Class" construction sequence.The university is now affiliated with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

    Since 2000, nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics around "aeroengine failure mechanism and mechanical behavior of CMCs structure" continue to carry out basic and applied technology research, bear the aeroengine CMCs structure design method in the field most of the national planning projects, including two major program for the fundamental research of the special machine, CMC's science foundation to strengthen the key program (173 program), national key r&d plan project, national natural science funds, ga pre-study, empty to advance research and national defense project of 973,And with Shenyang Engine Research Institute set up a key engine type of a CMCS structure development joint team.

    Business scope Test and Evaluation Service
    Consulting and Training Services
    Detection capability Fiber monofilament tensile testing machine
    3kN and 10kN electric tensile testing machine
    5kN creep testing machine
    Fatigue testing machine
    500N and 100KN fatigue testing machine
    High temperature gas ablation test bed
    Rotary tester
    Vane vibrator
    Mini engine test stand
    Nondestructive testing of AE, DIC, EIT, etc
    Nano indentation instrument
    Scanning electron microscope
    Thermogravimetric analyzer
    Thermal expansion instrument
    Laser thermal conductivity apparatus
    X-ray diffractometer
    Double beam focused ion beam system
    Secondary ion mass spectrometer
    Research field and direction of materials Mechanical behavior of ceramic matrix composites
    Failure mechanism and structural design


Name:Gao Xiguang