Industry Service

Industry Service

Industry Service

  • Organizing industry activities
  • Providing advisory service
  • Publishing technical literature
  • Operating media platform

Organizing industry activities

This Center works as secretariats of several industry organizations. By making full use of its resource advantages, it organizes many kinds of professional activities for multiple industries and fields covering fiber reinforcements, insulation materials, composites, etc. These activities, involving technology research, standards publicity, policy interpretation, market trends reporting, etc., are carried out in forms of technical training courses, exhibitions, investigation visits and workshops to promote the exchange and interaction in the industry and contribute to the synergistic development of production, education and research.

Providing advisory service

Utilizing the professional accumulation for years, plentiful industry resources and reliable information channels of its initiating unit -- Nanjing Fiberglass Institute, this Center provides highly customized information service to government departments, industry organizations, enterprises or individuals, as well as provides information support for customers' decision-making. Under the strategic partnership with Lucintel, a world-renowned advisory service provider, the Center provides global market information and consultation for multiple industries and product categories.

Publishing technical literature

By means of the rich expert resource, Nanjing Fiberglass Institute has published many professional and technical books to promote the technical progress of the industry.

  • English-Chinese & Chinese-English Fiberglass Dictionary
  • Glass Fiber Application Technology
  • Compilation of Glass Fiber and Carbon Fiber Standards

Operating media platform

The Center has established an authoritative matrix-type platform for professional media, consisting of printed media, websites and We-Media, to give full play to its professional influence. The platform operation includes the publication of professional journals with an annual circulation of over 30,000 copies, and the running of We-Media such as websites, WeChat public accounts and Tiktok short video, facing more than 100,000 industry participants and with over one million clicks per year. This platform continuously delivers the most objective, timely and in-depth “industry voice”.

  • WeChat public account of Glass Fiber Information Network
  • WeChat public account of "Thermal Insulations & Energy Saving Technology"
  • WeChat public account of Composites Industry Center in New Materials Platform
  • Material intelligence agency