Big Data Service

Big Data Service

The Data Center provides strong data and technical support for the future business development of upstream and downstream enterprises to unify and integrate system data, realize reasonable resource configuration, improve overall operational efficiency and control operating costs. By utilizing high-quality resources such as digitization, informationization and intelligentization, it is committed to optimize the overall structure of the composites industry platform to possess expansibility, security, flexibility and credibility, and to provide hardware architecture, software platform and technical support with high performance, high availability, high scalability and high security in various services to enterprises.

Service Brief of service Items of service
Consultation, planning and design for data centers

This service is to help customers to make 3 to 10 years plan for their data center establishment in accordance with the national specifications, the customers’ IT and business development strategy and their existing IT and business environment to enable their data center infrastructure to support the current and future IT and business systems more effectively.

1.Providing solutions for establishing data centers.
2.Providing service for constructing power supply system, environment control system, and monitoring system in computer rooms.
3.Providing support for the operation and maintenance in data centers.
4.Providing training for data centers.

Data governance and data control

Data governance is a set of managing behaviors involving the use of data in an organization. The data center will be the leading department to initiate and implement a series of policies and procedures on how to develop and realize the commercial utilization and technical management of the internal data in an enterprise. How to ensure the effectiveness, reliability and real-time sharing of the enterprise’ data resources at all stages, especially the consistency and real-time performance of cross-subject and cross-system data, is the specific concern of the data center. Successful data governance steps: establishing a data governance committee; developing a framework for data governance; keeping the pace of data testing strategy and data governance strategy with the time; defining a successful data strategy.

1.Providing data governing solution.
2.Providing service for establishing big data management platforms.
3.Providing services for post operation, maintenance and training.
4.Providing data governance framework.
5.Providing data testing strategy.