Laboratory Service

Laboratory Service

With the continuous development of economy and society, people pay high attention to the properties and quality of products. An efficient laboratory in an enterprise has direct impact on the product stability, quality improvement and rapid progress of new products, which can help enterprises save costs, improve productivity and enhance their market competitiveness.

Relying on its experiences on laboratory construction and management, Composites Industry Center provides advisory service for one-stop construction of laboratories integrating planning and design, equipment procurement, operation management, audit and training to help customers enhance efficiency and save time in building high-quality and reliable laboratories in aspects of personnel communication, cost budget, design process and laboratory quality.

Service Description Content
Technical consultation on laboratory construction

With the continuous development of economy and society, the fundamental position of modern laboratories becomes increasingly important. This Center has a large team of technical personnel skilled in different fields and industries, who can provide complete solutions to customers.

1.Consultation on overall construction of a laboratory.
2. Consultation on planning and design of laboratory manpower, process flow and layout.
3. Management and consultation on laboratory fitting-up and decoration.
4. Guidance on installation of laboratory electric appliances.
5. Guidance on installation and configuration of laboratory instruments.

Training on laboratory operation and management

The level of laboratory management plays an important role in product quality control. It directly affects the product stability, quality improvement and rapid launch of new products, which is highly responsible for targets control and process research. An efficiently operating laboratory can help an enterprise save costs, improve productivity and enhance its market competitiveness. However, there are many unreasonable phenomena in the daily management of many laboratories, which prevent them from providing timely, accurate and reliable measurement data to the departments needing these data. In view of this actual situation, the Center provides this service.

Training items:
1. Training on laboratory accreditation.
2. Training on qualification certification.
3. Training on laboratory management upgrading.
4. Training of internal auditors.
5. Training on quality control of test results.